Manager Research

A Fusion of Strategy and Creativity

Through our strategic partnership with Dynasty Financial Partners we have open access to various forms of research firms and tools including Callan, Wilshire and  Envestnet.

Understanding the right questions to ask and the right attributes to measure, starting with quantitative criteria – Standard Deviation, Sharpe Ratio, Alpha, Beta, R-Squared, and 10-year Returns – allows us to narrow the list of potential investments. We maintain relationships and meet with fund managers regularly to stay abreast of potential changes in their investment strategy and market outlook.

Our clients know that we don’t espouse or participate in illiquid and unregulated alternative investment solutions, or hedge funds. However, many investment strategies embedded in these illiquid and unregulated structures – long/short, event driven, global macro, etc. – have serious efficacy. Working with Dynasty and Wilshire, we’re isolating those strategies and accessing them for our clients’ benefit in an environment that’s regulated and liquid.

This offers our clients exposure to the alternative investment strategies, but in a transparent, liquid and regulated environment where the investments are valued daily as opposed to quarterly. This approach to alternative investments reflects Fusion’s approach to selecting, monitoring and rebalancing traditional money-manager-based portfolios employing complementary strategies.

In short, our approach to employing alternative strategies fuses with our approach to employing traditional strategies.