Flexible Investment Solutions

At Fusion, we recognize that the most important factor that will impact investors’ likelihood of achieving financial objectives is the establishment of a well-thought-out wealth plan. The plan should be stewarded by an advisor that can ensure a disciplined and rational approach to maintaining and adjusting the plan, based on evolving life needs, with the passage of time.

In recommending investments to be chosen to implement each client’s plan, Fusion is sensitive to the idea that some clients place a high value on preserving their opportunity to out-perform benchmark indices (i.e., S & P 500 index).  These investors are willing to incur the additional cost associated with hiring a professional manger, in exchange for the opportunity to experience returns that may out-perform the respective index against which the manager’s performance is measured.

Other clients place a priority on cost minimization.  For these clients, we will recommend a broadly diversified exchange traded fund (ETF) strategy which will satisfy their desire to keep costs down, given their willingness to forego the opportunity to out-perform benchmark indices.

In both cases, we employ our disciplined approach  − fusing the principles modern portfolio theory and behavioral finance theory −  to establishing an appropriate long-range plan and maintain our focus on minimizing the likelihood that our clients will fall prey to making emotionally biased portfolio decisions and decisions based on faulty reasoning (cognitive bias).