Coronavirus and Your Wealth Plan – a Rational Perspective

Coronavirus and Your Wealth Plan – a Rational Perspective

As we enter the new decade, the media catastrophists continue to aid investors in allowing, even encouraging, human nature to destroy their investment plans and wealth with the sensationalized “reporting” on the Coronavirus.

On Friday, January 17 – after a dramatic 40% runup that started the day after Christmas 2018 – the Standard & Poor’s 500-Stock Index closed ...

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The impending recession and Inverted Yield Cure-Why they are irrelevant!!


First, some historical facts about recessions:

1. There have been 11 since WWII, occurring on average, one year in seven and, on average, they last 11 months;

2. An inverted yield curve refers to when the yield on the two year treasury is higher than on the 10 year treasury. The economy has experienced a recession, on average, 17 months after an inversion occurs;

3. The inversion that ...

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Jonathan Is Honored with the Long Island Business News 2019 Executive Circle Award

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Was Global Diversification a Turkey in 2018?


We don’t have to be smarter than the rest, we have to be more disciplined than the rest.

-Warren Buffet

Over our many decades offering investment advice, we’ve inherited many more portfolios that had investor problems than investors who had portfolio problems

–Fusion Family Wealth

Many investors, particularly prospective investors who interviewed Fusion in the latter part of 2018, expressed their concern that, “global diversification ...

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Has the Market Gone Mad!!!!

For some context, I will begin by offering a brief history of stock market declines:

* The S & P 500 has had intra-year declines of 14% (known as a correction), on average, every year since WWII

* A decline of about twice that amount (30%, on average) – known as a bear market — has occurred one year in ...

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Why The Markets Can’t Go Higher!!!

In recent meetings with clients and prospective clients, investor sentiment is quite pessimistic, they think that we are in some sort of bubble, that there was a “Trump bump” or that the Market is high simply because there is no alternative — “TINA” — to stocks.

We offer an alternative perspective for the current level – and probable future higher level 1 — of ...

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Jonathan interviewed by the Financial Times about investor behaivior

Behavioral Apathy Seen As Biggest Threat to Returns

By Murray Coleman May 30, 2017

Investment advice is becoming a highly commoditized marketplace. But recent industry research offers wealth managers a clear path to separating themselves from the pack — that is, focus on coaxing better behavior out.

“Behavioral coaching is almost a ...

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Successful Investing Generally Requires One Simple Principle: BEHAVE




The principles of Behavioral Finance are critical for each investor to understand and incorporate into their investment planning construct in order to maximize the probability of achieving their financial goals and to avoid taking actions that create permanent capital loss.

Two of the most successful investors ...

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Cupcakes & Cocktails – The NYBKW Charitable Foundation

Cupcakes & Cocktails – The NYBKW Charitable Foundation

“In December 2014, The NYBKW Charitable Foundation hosted an event that raised over $65,000 for Cohen Children’s Medical Center, for a system that makes an MRI machine less intimidating for children.  This system includes special glasses and headphones that block out the loud, scary sounds of the MRI machine and allows children to watch TV and movies, while benefiting from this life-saving diagnostic tool.

The event would not have been such a success without the ...

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SNL Financial: Crucial for investors to cut through ‘recency bias,’ says Fusion Family Wealth founder

By Matt Blumenfeld

A new relationship with Dynasty Financial Partners gave one UBS AG advisory team the opportunity to strike out on its own. Jonathan Blau, founder of Fusion Family Wealth LLC, spoke about his team’s decision to shift to an independent model and explained what resources Dynasty Financial brings to his firm’s clients. In an interview with SNL Financial, Blau also provided his perspective on behavioral finance and how he advises clients.

The following is an edited transcript ...

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